The brand new pizza joint, Fugazzi, by the Barroco Group, is now open in Pointe Saint-Charles. Animated by the love of pizza, but also music, design, good wine, creativity and art, we wanted to create a completely different concept, to realize a dream. In an original and somewhat eclectic decor, signed by the Gauley Brothers, you will feel at home. These designers always manage to raise our ideas to levels we did not know possible. It's a dynamic, warm and friendly atmosphere that will welcome you to enjoy Neapolitan and New York style pizza, as well as homemade pasta coming from right out of our pasta lab. Inspired by Italian and American cuisine, chefs Jean-Philippe Miron, Jérémie Falissard and Marcus Sahou have built a menu where the neighborhood of Pointe Saint-Charles, but also the entire city of Montreal, will find comfort and originality. For us Fugazzi it's crazy, cool, it means we do not take ourselves seriously, it gives us the freedom to do things differently!
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