It is an exotic freshness that awaits you at the top of the black light and fluorescent steps at the Milky Way. Located in the heart of Pointe Saint-Charles, the Barroco Group's new cocktail bar is truly a neighborhood bar with a holiday feeling. The menu offers sophisticated cocktails and tailor-made creations. In the desire to offer an attentive and personalized service, we leave room for spontaneity. The menu is surprising as much by the original creations as by the unique presentations, while remaining accessible. The design is a mix of Miami 80s and a touch of glam while remaining casual. The huge skylight lets in the bursts of sunlight during the day and the glow of the city in the evening. The Gauley Brothers, with whom we have designed The Foiegwa, the Atwater Cocktail Club and the Fugazzi, have been able to bring our ideas and dreams to life at more than impressive levels. Together we have created an extraordinary bar where you can enjoy the Fugazzi's pizzas, as the Milky Way shares the cuisine. Let us share our discoveries, our passion and our know-how in a refreshing, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.
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