Founded in 2008, is fueled by a passion for food, cocktails, music, wine, design and good times. With 5 restaurants, 2 cocktail bars and a catering service, Barroco Group’s goal is to constantly innovate and create spaces to spread their love for hospitality.


To us, cocktails & cuisine are forms of art. In order to offer our guests the most memorable of experiences within our establishments, we aim to explore, develop and innovate within these art forms. Our motto? Sharing our passion for hospitality. Nothing compares to seeing our guests share joyous moments together, but the only thing equal to sharing our passion is giving back to our community.


Imagine a world in which a 'bad' evening does not exist. We dream of a world in which each and every one of us make a point of sharing quality time with their loved ones. Supporting a healthy planet and a glowing city that promotes and prioritizes its local farmers and producers.


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